You’ve decided to repaint your home’s interior but are now at a dead end of what room to paint first. Interior painting company, Colossus Painting, often comes across clients in this predicament.

To prevent minimal interruptions to your home life, we’ve built a sequence of rooms to paint – ranked by first to last:

Rooms by Ranking

  • The Bedroom – We all need rest to properly function throughout our daily lives. While the option to eat out is available during a painting project, you need a warm bed to sleep on every day. If booking a hotel is not in the cards at this time, Colossus Painting recommends getting the bedrooms out of the way first before heading to other areas of the home.
  • The Bathroom – Speaking of functionality, you’ll need your bathroom to freshen up and get dressed for the day ahead. Typically, the bedrooms and bathrooms are grouped together during a day session. This is a rule of thumb for most interior painting companies in California. However, the project timeline may be customized by the size of the home.
  • The Kitchen – Eating out gets old after some time, and eventually you may come to the conclusion that prioritizing the kitchen over the living room makes more sense. You can get back to nourishing your family with healthy foods after the kitchen’s interior painting is complete and prevent food waste from prolonging a ban on this space.
  • The Living Room – The living area is usually the biggest room in the house. As a result, plan on giving this sub-project extra time to complete.
  • Other Areas – After covering the above areas, smaller rooms, such as rec rooms or laundry rooms can be finished. Be sure to remove fabrics, as these soak up the smell of paint.

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