Beginner painters often turn to experts to learn if priming is a must-do activity during the painting process. This extra step in the painting process is recommended in most cases.

Here’s why:

Priming offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • A Sealer – Perfect for renovated homes or new constructions, primers are useful for sealing the tiny pores on the surface of drywall and other popular construction materials.
  • A Cover Up – If there were holes in the drywall that have been repaired, primers help to cover up these eyesores before the final coats of paint are applied.
  • An Adhesive – Primers double as adhesives in some respects, because it helps the paint to bind to the surface. Subsequently, less coats of paint are generally required. Colossus Painting, however, sticks to our standards of applying multiple coats of paint – whether a primer is used or not.
  • A Stain and Odor Blocker – Most primers on the market today are designed to aid in blocking out stains and odors, which are common in heavily trafficked homes.
  • A Neutralizer – Supposing you want to completely overhaul the current paint color. In this event, a primer neutralizes the old color and provides a “clean slate” to apply the new color. With a primer, you end up getting a precise color match in the end.

All in all, primers optimize the final finish and help the new paint to last for years to come. However, priming may not always be required. An interior painting company, such as Colossus Painting, can be called in to complete a full assessment and provide honest feedback on the most economical way to repaint your home.

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