Putting a home up for sale in San Diego’s hot real estate market can be a nerve-wracking experience, even for seasoned flippers and investors.

Most real estate agents will tell you to stage the home properly in order to attract more qualified buyers.

San Diego REALTORS® Best-Kept Secrets for Fixing a Home for Sale

In this article, we discuss some simple home improvement strategies to help sell homes faster and for a higher price:

  1. Declutter – The first step to complete when staging a home for sale is getting rid of all unnecessary clutter. Potential buyers often envision living in homes and daydream of how it would be to live there. Make these dreams more likely by opening the door to clean home.
  2. Paint – Colossus Painting’s San Diego painting contractors are often booked by REALTORS® in the residential and commercial markets. During move-ins and move-outs, some of the must-do activities include cleaning and then painting. We’ve also seen time and again what simple touch-ups can do for homes for sale or rent. Painted properties sell and rent much faster than buildings left “as-is”.
  3. Repair Drywall – Drywall damage is all too common if you’ve lived in the home for a long time. Don’t leave walls in this state hoping buyers will make the fix. This wait-and-see approach could cost you big as leads and appraisers deduct repair costs during inspections. Colossus Painting, once again, can help with simple drywall repair.
  4. Clean Carpets – If carpets are installed in the home, most real estate agents will suggest hiring a professional carpet cleaner to help refresh the carpet’s fibers.
  5. Maximize Unused Spaces – An unused garage, attic, or basement can be quickly converted with the help of our San Diego painting contractors. You get a unique selling point when an extra space is marketed for use as an office, rec room, or play area, for example.
  6. Add Curb Appeal – Our painting contractors tackle exterior painting, including staining the exterior of coastal homes. In addition, we suggest enlisting the help of a landscaper to trim and manicure the lawn for that extra-special curb appeal.
  7. Stage the Home – When all the home improvements have been made and if the property is vacant, a staging company can help to model the home with stylish furniture.

Put Your Home Sales Plan Into Action

If you have a home on the market that needs quick touch-ups like painting and minor repairs, Colossus Painting answers the call. Our family-owned-and-operated business treats your home like our own. To get a quick estimate, call (858) 688-2248.