Are you a San Diego homeowner who wants more functional space at home? Consider an unused or underused garage. With simple changes like repainting and adding baseboards, you could have a spacious place to carry out your hobbies, give the kids a rec area, or carve out me-time in your busy week.

Colossus Painting can help.

We do much more than house painting in San Diego. We also specialize in converting and finishing garages and basements into practical areas to live, work, or play.

Simple Strategies for a Successful Garage Makeover

Colossus Painting is able to convert your old garage into a modern-looking and functional space in three simple steps:

  1. Install Baseboards – Tie off loose ends in unfinished garages by first installing baseboards. This not only adds aesthetic appeal, baseboards also facilitate seasonal comfort by keeping the space cooler during warm summer months.
  2. Add Epoxy Paints and Coating – Our house painting San Diego firm, uses epoxy paints and coatings when requested. We highly recommend this product for garages, because it’s durable, attractive, and stain-resistant. To show you how tough it is, epoxy coats are the standard of choice when completing commercial painting services in auto shops.
  3. Texturize Ceilings – Minimize imperfections without renovating the entire garage by considering textured ceilings and walls. Colossus Painting can go over possible renditions to help you decide.

Top Uses for Finished Garages

Think of all the things you could do with your garage. Our clients often convert vacant garages for use as a:

  • Man Cave – Get a place to let loose with friends without disturbing other members of the household.
  • Recreation Room – To make housekeeping easier, confine scattered toys and noisy video games to the renovated garage turned rec room.
  • Home Gym – Start new and healthy goals by setting up a home gym in your garage. The added bonuses are no commutes or pricey memberships at local sports club.
  • Office Space – With many new opportunities on the job market to work from home, you can finally give up rush hour and work quietly in a home office instead. To boost productivity, follow Feng Shui tips and add the right paint color and décor.
  • Craft Room or Workshop – Turn your hobby into a business. Our house painting San Diego firm can help bring your dreams of a running a profitable business to life. How? We’ll do all the simple renovations for you. Join the startup garage movement taking San Diego by storm.

Renovate Your San Diego Garage

Colossus Painting offers competitively priced house painting services in San Diego. We also specialize in commercial painting services and simple home renovations. Decide on the best use for your garage then call us at (858) 688-2248.