Colossus Painting works with a variety of clients, including real estate agents and independent homeowners to get homes move-in ready in a timely manner. When working on San Diego waterfront homes, the beauty of these properties coupled with the stunning backdrop of the ocean never cease to amaze us.

When servicing these home, however, our professional painting contractors in San Diego look beyond the surface and scrutinize factors that could impact the finish of the paint job.

For example, we understand that when painting coastal homes, we need to choose top quality paints that will withstand heat and salty air. When painting other surfaces, including galvanized metal, for example, additional sealants may be needed to prevent corrosion.

Surf Through Tips on Preserving Paints in Coastal Homes

In addition to the above considerations, homeowners living in the coastal regions of San Diego should also keep the following tips in mind:

  • Periodic Painting is Required – In order to maintain flawless looking exterior painting, regular touch-ups are required. For coastal homes, the intervalfor touch-ups is shortened significantly due to oxidation and salty air. At Colossus Painting, we recommend repainting the exterior of your coastal home at least once per year.
  • Certain Paints May Help– Our painting contractors in San Diego also recommend using acrylic paint to offset annual touch-ups. With acrylic paints, you can easily pressure wash the surface without worry of the top layer peeling off.
  • Sealants on Metals are a Must – To prevent corrosion on metal surfaces, including garage doors, for example, a sealant is 100% required.
  • Regular Upkeep is Suggested – In addition to placing emphasis on the exterior painting, Colossus Painting also recommends tackling small repairs as they arise. Our painting contractors are also trained to complete minor home repairs when requested.

Colossus Painting – Serving Coastal Homes in San Diego

Whether you live just a few blocks from the beach or further inland, Colossus Painting knows the best methods for painting all types of homes. We examine a plethora of variables, including the home’s architectural style, the proximity to the ocean, and other factors before recommending the best products and methods to use.

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